Statement on Safe Church Policy

The Episcopal Church of Gethsemane follows and supports the requirement for Safe Church training as mandated by the Canons of the Episcopal Church of the USA. Gethsemane requires Safe Church training completion by all paid staff, volunteers who work with children and/or vulnerable adults, and any person who has key or keypad access to the church buildings. This includes those who rent space in the building on an on-going basis.

Gethsemane's Philosophy regarding Safe Church Policy

The Episcopal Church of Gethsemane strives to be a place where all of God's people are safe, free from threats of violence and abuse of every kind. We enthusiastically uphold the requirements of the Safe Church policy especially for children and vulnerable adults in our midst. The Safe Church training we require is a tangible, proactive expression of our commitment to the safety and value of every person who enters our buildings.

For more information about Gethsemane's Safe Church policy and obtaining Safe Church training, please email us!