Getting to Gethsemane

Welcome to Downtown East

Located in Downtown Minneapolis, Gethsemane's neighbors are as likely to be affluent as they are poor. Our closest neighbors live in transitional housing for the homeless, but just across the street are luxury apartments. Large corporations reside on the other side. We seek to be a beacon, loving our neighbors, creating connections and helping to bring about the City of God on Earth. We reach out to people in need with food, clothing, love and support, shelter, and in many other ways. Through our food ministries, we are feeding souls, not just filling stomachs. By supplying space for youth sports practices, Alcoholics Anonymous, Minnesota AIDS Project, Sober Corps, and others, we acknowledge our unity with our neighbors and look to meet their needs from our abundance in anticipation that our needs will also be met.

Evening & Weekend Parking

  • Parking is available in the 'Garden Lot' on Tenth Street, next to the Gethsemane Garden. There is no need to deposit money in the yellow pay box. The lot is free evenings and weekends.
  • Metered spaces along Fourth and Fifth Avenues and Ninth Street are free on weekdays after 6:00 PM and on weekends.
  • The NRG Center ramp, accessible from Fourth Avenue and Third Avenue, one block northeast of Gethsemane, is free on weekends when the gate is up.

Weekday & Accessible Parking

  • The small driveway between the church buildings, accessible from Fourth Avenue, is available for those requiring accessible parking and for weekday guests.
  • The 'Garden Lot' is not available to Gethsemane guests on weekdays. It is a private contract-only lot.