Thank You, Shelf of Hope Volunteers!

RECOGNITION FOR SHELF OF HOPE VOLUNTEERS Last month we took time out to thank all those who so generously volunteer their time and talent in the service of God at Gethsemane, especially our musicians, those who care for our building, and those who serve in leadership (which means all of us!).

Today we especially wish to recognize and thank those volunteers without whom the Shelf of Hope food outreach ministry would not be possible. Those of us who are not able to serve in person are grateful for their presence and devotion in reaching out to “the least of these” in need in our midst.

We thank: Jim Cunningham, Kathy McCarty, Don Rosenquist, Roy Hall, Len Thomas, Andrew Granias, Gloria Hoglund, Malita Alvarez, Mark DeCrescenzo, James and Wyn Knittel, Fran Bly and Charlie Hample, Peter Montgomery, and Elaine Madigan. And of course The Rev. Deacon Sandy Obarski.