Shelf of Hope Report

APRIL 2017 The Shelf had the following statistics for April for individuals served:

166 Children 587 Adults 53 Seniors

I have been working on putting together a "universal" grant package.  Many organizations expect what is spelling out in this documents by the Minnesota Council on Foundations. It can basically be customized for a purpose.

I am specifically putting a request together for assistance with the purchase of milk.  This is not something that we can purchase - too expensive.  We only have milk when it is available for free through the Minnesota Milk Grant which amounts to about two months of the year.  I am also looking for funding for grocery bags and delivery charges.  With Don Rosenquist retiring we do not have a vehicle or anyone who can pick up food at Second Harvest.  We must now pay for this charge which amounts to about $2,080 a years.  Also funding for grocery bags.  We receive about half of our bags used (plastic) from Target.  As of July 1st the use of plastic bags in Hennepin County will be prohibited.  Not having the bags will be another big expense.  Unfortunately we have not found anyone who will donate bags to us on any sort of regular basis.  Because of the weight of food that goes out to a client we also have to double bag our brown paper bags (which we purchase).  This cost will dramatically go up.  Obviously we would like to use as much our budget for food.

I hope to pull together some folks to review what I have compiled and get the go ahead.