Shelf of Hope Annual Report

2013 was a very successful year for the Shelf of Hope.

  • Many gifts were received from a supportive congregation.
  • The Shelf of Hope also was blessed with three different grants allowing us to do this mission of fighting hunger.
  • The shelf also distributed donations of hats, scarves, mittens, water container, blankets and pillows.
  • The Shelf was also blessed with a bounty of fresh produce from the garden.


Here are the statistics from 2013:

  • 3,742 Children were served
  • 6,279 Adults were served
  • 262 Seniors were served

That is a total of 10,383 people.

Due to the amazing work of the Shelf's regular volunteers 124,780 pounds of food were distributed!


We are now partners in two food rescue efforts. The Shelf receives bakery products from Panera's Doughnation and food from the 5th Street Market both in Downtown Minneapolis.

It is a blessing that we are allowed to continue this ministry by providing hunger relief to  residents of Minneapolis.

We look forward to a successful 2014.