Lenten Email Series Invitation

Looking for a meditative way to keep Lent? Consider subscribing to Love Life: Living the Gospel of Love. (Go towww.SSJE.org/lovelife and subscribe with your email.) Starting March 5, 2014 you will receive short, daily videos from the Episcopal monastic community of St. John the Evangelist that delve deeply into the gospel that shapes their community life. John’s message of love can unlock our hearts and transform our lives.

The series begins with three short videos introducing John as the Gospel of Love and explaining what the Brothers hope you will take away from it. Then the series takes up five themes that the Brothers find in John’s Gospel and in their lives. Each theme is introduced with a video of Brothers in conversation. The theme is then explored in depth in five short reflection videos (around 2 minutes each; a compilation video is also available). Each reflection video ends with a thought-provoking question for you to ponder over the course of the day, then answer on a worksheet. (All the supporting materials are available to download free.)

Here's the layout of each of the themes:

1) Revelation: Conversation – Love – Relationship – Acceptance – Remember – Vision
2) Invitation: Conversation – Friend – Beloved – Identity – Play – Intimacy
3) Participation: Conversation – Incarnation – Purpose – Life – Change – Name
4) Collaboration: Conversation – Listen – Service – Sin – Forgive – Loneliness
5) Vocation: Conversation – Belonging – Offering – Obstacles – Dignity – Home
If you decide to try it out, let Fr.Theo know. If we have enough people, perhaps we can gather periodically to discuss the experience together.


Gethsemane Webmaster