Homily: March 27, 2016

March 27, 2016 - Easter Morning, YEAR C; Rev. Phil Boelter, Vicar

In the latter part of our gospel reading this morning,

we encounter the first meeting between

the recently risen Jesus

and his good friend Mary Magdalene.


One thing strikes me as very odd about this passage.


In spite of the earlier announcement of Christ’s resurrection,

and her long familiarity with her Lord,

Mary absolutely fails to recognize Jesus when he appears.


She mistakes him for the gardener.


Was she so overcome with grief

that she didn’t recognize Jesus,

her good friend and confidante?


I don’t think so.

I think another point is being made here.


Mary talks with Christ for several minutes

but recognizes Jesus only when he calls her by name.


Jesus said to her “Mary!”

She responds “Rabounni” which means

Teacher or Rabbi.


Then and only then does she begin to understand exactly who she is speaking with.


In a close and real encounter with the divine,

With God,

Christ looks on Mary and

Mary looks at Christ,

Their eyes meet-

And there it is.


Only then does Mary realize-

Hey- it really is all true-



In a few moments Ron and Alex,

You will be baptized here at this font.


Like Mary Magdalene,

Christ will call you by name,

Christ is here, now,

Risen and living in the midst of his assembled family of faith.


It is here

That we encounter God and the Risen Christ






These three elements blend this Easter morning

And in them God offers us

You Ron and Alex

And us all

New and eternal life.


There is no more fitting day for baptism than Easter-

For truly in baptism

We receive the new life to meet whatever

The circumstances around us will bring us.


As on Easter morning,

There is no denying that we have been through the winter of death.


Life has been tough.

But just as surely today

God holds out to us all in Christ

The promise of new purpose,

New energy,

New life.


Happy Easter,

Ron and Alex.


Welcome to God’s forever family.








SermonRev. Phil Boelter