Building & Maintenance Committee: 10 Mar 2013

Minutes of the Building and Maintenance Committee

10 March 2013

In Attendance: Andrew Granias, chair; Dale Deines; Kristine Granias


  1. A thorough inventory of maintenance issues was detailed and a list of priorities were compiled to present to the B.C. at the meeting on 3/17/13.
  2. The priorities were drawn up with consideration for:
    • Safety
    • Long term structural maintenance
    • Creating a welcoming and hospitable space for the laity, staff and visitors

Building Usage

  1. Goals are to use our building space for the best and highest purposes possible and to generate income to support our church and it’s mission.
  2. To do this we need to:
    • Draw up rental/usage agreements with people and groups using our building. We have contacted the ECM for templates and guidance.
    • Discover who is currently using the building and obtain contact information. Dale will put this document together with volunteers from the B.C.