Bishop's Committee: Oct. 2016

Date: October 16, 2016 Subject: BC Meeting notes

October Notes Follow-up to October 16 presentation on hospitality and security UnLock the alley doors for musicians from 8:40 - 9:00 and then lock again. Onus is on music leaders to communicate.

Need a written procedure, to include no pan handling. Make sure we have brochures to hand to people. Phil to communicate.

Precinct 1 Safe Officer follow ups? Maggie to call for a presenter. Drake residents in the garden Residents have been told by Drake management to hang out in the garden. Will be evicted if they are in Triangle Park.

Garden team is going to meet to discuss garden rules and access policy. Will keep the BC informed. Update on Student Chaplain Excited about the food shelf and is plugging in. Had discussion about ministry of presence and some other ideas versus good shelf volunteer. Still working out details between Phil, the SOH, and Tim. Stewardship update Phil and Dale working on stewardship. Letter going out this week. In-gathering by October 30. Budget will be challenging this year. Time and treasure included. Phil to use sermon time for delivering a message too.

New member luncheon November 13; also an opportunity to have a few people talk about what they do.

New directory will be published after stewardship campaign. Growth plan discussion Trying to assess needs and plug in programs as necessary and as possible.

We will hold Newcomer dinners quarterly, beginning November.

We are in discussions with Cindi about a Gender Support group.

Discussed a young adult group. Phil will call selected young adults to ask his thoughts on church or needs from a young adult perspective. Group to be convened to investigate needs and opportunities.

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