Bishop's Committee: Nov. 2016

Subject: November BC Notes Date: November 20, 2016

Follow up on last month's notes -Youth involvement in liturgy. Training happening soon. -Looking for additional people to teach sowing seeds. -Sowing Seeds leaders discussed kids' involvement.

Circle of Beloved -Phil talked with Craig about us being a site for August, 2017. -Americorps and Episcopal Servicecorps funds them. -Phil to ask Craig to investigate occupancy and shower grants.

Budget -A parishioner from 8am service has been willing to help with SOH budget. -Reviewed financials and 2017 budget.

Shelf of Hope use of gym -Discussion about SOH using gym to route clients so they don’t have to stand outside in the cold. -Clients to help with clean up. -Vant to watch the door. Tim , CPE Intern, will be in gym. -Need to lock the bathroom doors on lower level. -Need stairwell ropes to deter people from going where they are not supposed to go. -Need more shovels so people can help with snow removal. -Doors open from before the foodshelf starts. Exact time under discussion. -Wyn to write an announcement and send to Phil. -First Wednesday in December is first week.

Garden -Farmer Del let us know about a grant, which could be used for new signage, higher fences, compost rebuild. -David, from the neighborhood, has invested in the garden and has done a lot to put the garden to bed.

Other -Wyn asked to hand off Community Life coordination. -Kristine will take Overheard.

Maggie Brickson

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