Bishop's Committee Minutes - April 2017

April 9, 2017

Present: Fr. Phil Boelter, Wyn Knittel, James Knittel, Stephen Ingerson, Kathyn McCarty, Maureen Olson, Dale Deines, Peter Montgomery, Claire Eckley

Absent: Merideth Lindley

Meeting came to order 11:51 a.m.

Consensus approval of prior meeting’s minutes.

Quarterly Financials: Dale Deines

These will be monthly reports from now on….

No real issues – financial in good shape at this point in the year.

Space Rental: To Prophetic Imagination – entire third floor of parish house.

Nov. 9-12, 2017 and March 23-26, 2018 (Friday through Monday.

Permission granted to proceed…..

Safe Church: 2 Year coverage for those who have taken the seminar. Need to get the list updated.

Tim Kingsley will teach on a Wednesday for those in Shelf of Hope and on a Sunday and Wednesday for others at Gethsemane who need to attend for first time or refresh.

Cleaning Day{s}: Vant will coordinate – he may have a crew……

Field Trip to Philadelphia: Dale, Wyn, Maureen and Vant – they will check schedules and figure out a date / time frame.

Capital Campaign: Current / updated figures and details will be upcoming at next B.C. meeting…..

Garden Update: Going “swimmingly” or “Plantingly” – Giving Garden,,, closest to South Wall of the Parish Hall, Secure area – Higher fence for the lessees, Plot scholarships, Rogation Sunday – Garden Recognition Sunday.

Community Life: Need to get a better handle on Ushers, Lectors / Lay Readers and Chalice-bearers.

Stephen Ingerson will take charge of finding a scheduler to plan the above duties and personnel. Will take up in Worship and Music Committee meeting and report back to B.C.

Submitted: Stephen Ingerson May 13, 2017