Shelf of Hope Update

The Shelf of Hope has been very busy.  Over the last few months we have seen an increase in the number of clients to serve.   He is our activity:

April - 166 Children, 587 adults and 53 seniors seen at the Shelf

May - 209 Children, 628 adults and 67 seniors

June - 262 Children, 706 adults and 97 seniors.


The Shelf of Hope is currently participating in the 2017 Open Your Hearts to the Hungry and Homeless Challenge.  This is a fund-raising opportunity where we will receive a grant based on the fund we raise.  


Another year has past and it was an exciting year.  The Shelf distributed 116,459 pounds of food!  We were able to serve 8,851 individuals.  That boils down to 92,397 meals - amazing.


Please consider donating to our fund drive. We are very reliant on funds we raise through grant opportunities.  A big sincere thank you for any consideration.

Kathy McCarty