What is Pastoral Care?

Pastoral care is the way we express the love of Christ to one another as we walk together through life’s ups and downs. We are called to care for one another especially during times of transition such as the death of a family member, a serious illness, the birth of a baby, and other times of loss or change.

Every member of our community plays an important pastoral care role by checking in with members who have not been in church to let them know they are in our thoughts and prayers, and letting the Pastoral Care Committee know of anyone who has specific pastoral care needs, but who may not have contacted us.

When there is a need for pastoral support, it is important that someone call and inform us so that we may respond appropriately. We respect your privacy and work hard to maintain confidentiality at the level you request.


How to Request Pastoral Care

In an Emergency:

Please call Vicar Phil Boelter for emergency pastoral care needs, such as hospitalization or death. His home cell phone is 651.219.4461

For Non-Emergency Care:

Contact the Gethsemane office at 612.332.5407 or email PastoralCare@AMindtoWork.org in the following circumstances:

  • When you or someone in your family is ill and has been hospitalized, but does not require a visit immediately. Someone on the Pastoral Care Committee will contact you within 36 hours. Remember, because of privacy laws, it is not always certain that the hospital will contact us.
  • When you or someone in your family is going to have surgery, call or write in advance to let us know. If you wish, someone on the Pastoral Care Committee will visit you before and bring communion.
  • When you would like to add yourself or someone else to the Gethsemane Prayer List.

When we call or visit you the first time after you request pastoral care, we will ask you what level of privacy you would like.

Gethsemane Pastoral Care Committee

These caring individuals assist Vicar Phil in pastoral care and provide eucharistic visits for the hospitalized or homebound.

Deacon Vant Washington III
Fran Bly
Charlie Hample
Gloria Hoglund
Mary Martin