I welcome you to Gethsemane Church, and hope you find yourself at home with us in worship community and justice.
I am happy to be back in downtown Minneapolis where I once worked as business banker for Wells Fargo. A lot has changed for me and for Minneapolis since those long ago days in the 1990’s. But one thing has remained the same… the welcome and help we are all called to give each other.
A little about me….
Before arriving at Gethsemane on Palm Sunday, 2015 I I assisted in worship, preaching and pastoral care as part time Pastoral Assistant at St Matthew’s Episcopal Church, St Paul. I was ordained a deacon in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota June 2013 and a priest in June 2014.
In addition to my work at Gethsemane I also work part time providing fiscal and budget consulting for Roman Catholic parishes and schools. I earned a Master of Divinity degree from Luther Seminary in 1990 and a Master of Arts in Religion from Notre Dame, South Bend in 1998. Go Irish!
I began my adult career life as a Lutheran (ELCA) pastor. From these roots my practice of ordained ministry is grounded in the baptismal covenant wherein we all are enjoined to fulfill God’s mission in the world to “seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving [one’s] neighbor as [one]self.”
I have two (somewhat) sons in their early twenties, Matthew and Eric. In my spare time I can be found working out at Fitness 19, playing classical guitar, or chilling in my family’s labyrinth prayer garden with his blue and white English Setter, Finn Shadow McKool.


Homily: Feb. 12, 2107 – Heroes. Rev. Cindi Brickson

I preached on this same gospel text at Good Samaritan this week, and as so often the case there, it did not go exactly as I planned. One resident just did not like the gospel. “It is dull and boring” he complained, “a long list of stuff that is so much blah blah blah.” I…

Homily: Feb. 5, 2017 – Salt. Rev. Vant Washington III.

The last Thursday of every month, I prepare a meal at St. Christopher’s. Now I’ve done enough cooking to know that folks aren’t always shy about giving a little feedback after they finish their meal. Last week I prepared a Mexican chicken soup with sausage, bits of tomato, cabbage, onions, pasta and zucchini. I liked…

Homily: Jan. 29 – what does God require? Rev. Phil Boelter

“What does the LORD require of you   but to do justice,  and to love kindness,  and to walk humbly with your God?”    Good question.  Exactly what DOES God want from you and me? That question has been asked by many folk from ancient times, In this morning’s reading we hear people questioning- “Look God- …

Homily: Jan. 22 – Light for All People. Rev. Phil Boelter

God calls us today to move Into the light, God’s light. The light- which shines on all people and all things without exception. The light- which never goes out because its source is God. The light- which God asks us to share with each other and all people. Matthew tells us that Jesus “withdrew” into…

Homily: Jan. 8, 2017 – Wilderness. Rev. Phil Boelter

There’s a lot going on in Jesus’ baptism in Matthew – personal confirmation of who Jesus is, public acknowledgement of his identity, the role of the Spirit – but this time around I am drawn to the wilderness. Jesus is baptized and then is led into the wilderness. The wilderness! It is a place that…