Gethsemane Episcopal Church began with a handful of people in 1856, seeking to establish a worshiping community in the soon to be burgeoning city of Minneapolis. For over 160 years, Gethsemane has been sowing seeds of worship, community, and justice.

If you have further questions about the church, or would like to know more about our worship, mission, and ministry in the community, please stop by for a visit. The best way to get to know us is to join us for worship on a Sunday. All people, of every race, class, gender, sexual orientation, belief, and those seeking to learn more about their faith journeys, are welcome to experience and join our community.

Our services are Sundays at 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock.


Click here to view a 360 degree video of our worship space, Courtesy of the Houses of Worship Project, University of Minnesota

B.C. Minutes – April 2017 Meeting

April 9, 2017 Present: Fr. Phil Boelter, Wyn Knittel, James Knittel, Stephen Ingerson, Kathyn McCarty, Maureen Olson, Dale Deines, Peter Montgomery, Claire Eckley Absent: Merideth Lindley Meeting came to order 11:51 a.m. Consensus approval of prior meeting’s minutes. Quarterly Financials: Dale Deines These will be monthly reports from now on…. No real issues – financial…

Shelf of Hope Report

APRIL 2017 The Shelf had the following statistics for April for individuals served: 166 Children 587 Adults 53 Seniors I have been working on putting together a “universal” grant package.  Many organizations expect what is spelling out in this documents by the Minnesota Council on Foundations. It can basically be customized for a purpose. I…

Homily: May 14, 2017 – Long for Divine Presence – Rev. Phil Boelter

Who is your rock? Mine was my mother-  Elizabeth Alvina Kautz Heitmeyer Boelter. She died in 1987 at age 68.   But hopefully, her legacy lives on in me and in my sons. Her strong love was the rock- The foundation of my life. Nothing, Nothing, Nothing Could shake that love. Not my teenage rebellion,…